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I feel that it is my responsibility as an estate planning attorney in Orange County to show a professional level of devotion to my clients. I am personally committed to work with you to accomplish your specific goals and objectives. I serve residents of Orange County, CA and all the nearby areas.

Living Trust

Let our highly experienced California living trust attorney help you protect your assets and save you and your family from high costs in the long run.

In California, a Living Trust is very often the preferred Estate Plan for many people. The most common type of Living Trust in California is one that is revocable, which means that you have the power to amend and revoke the trust.

The power of revocation and amendment are important for clients in an ever changing world where financial and family circumstances continually change.

Living Trusts vs. Wills

The primary advantage of a Living Trust over a Will is that a Living Trust avoids the costly and timely necessity of putting the family through a Probate Administration.


Living Trusts can incorporate special features to handle specific family dynamics.

Helpful During Periods of Incapacity

If you are the trustee of your own living trust and you become incapacitated, your chosen successor trustee can manage the trust’s assets for you, very similar to an agent with power of attorney.

Estate Tax Planning

Estate and Gift Taxation issues can be avoided or minimized through the use of custom tailored Living Trust in California.

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Protect Your Rights and Assets

Call the California estate planning attorney you need directly at 1-714-385-0044 to schedule a consultation or email me.

Professional Experience

I have focused on Estate Planning, Living Trusts, and Business Planning for over 30 years as a solo practicing lawyer. Unlike any other estate planning attorney in Orange County, CA, I work directly with my clients which allow me to provide a more affordable, cost-effective approach to solving their planning needs. Through this approach, I understand my client’s unique circumstances and design a plan to specifically address the client’s objectives. After working with me as their living trust attorney in Orange County, clients understand the process fully and are equipped to make the best decisions for themselves and their family.

Client Testimonials

Just finished our second and closing meeting with Dwight today. My wife and I both walked out of his office today happy knowing we where in good hands with Dwight. He was able to explain in ways that made it easy for my wife and I understand clearly to what our choices are and what exactly we are signing. His fees are totally reasonable and his service made it money well spent! Extremely happy that our living trust is finally completed and that Dwight was our attorney. I will definitely will be referring Dwight to all my family and friends who have not done a living trust yet.

-Leonard C.
Fountain Valley, CA

We recently met with Dwight to do estate planning for my father and create a living trust.  He was incredibly helpful and also very warm and friendly. He covered all ground.  Upon signing, he even took the time to explain all the legal language found in the trust my father was signing.  Dwight was patient with questions and we felt like we could ask anything.  Almost immediately, you will feel like you can trust him and that he knows what he is talking about.  He was even able to advise us on things beyond the trust such as tax laws.

I was so impressed with Dwight, that my partner and I have decided to make an appointment with him as well to create our wills.

I also did a lot of research and found Dwight’s legal fees to be incredibly reasonable.  I would highly recommend him!

-Asil S.
Los Angeles, CA

Earlier this year we used Mr. Tompkins services to create a Living Trust.  The process was extremely effortless as he led us through the steps.  We feel much better having this as part of our estate plan and would highly recommend his office to anyone looking for estate planning.

-Monica Z.
Orange, CA

I met with Dwight to review and revise my living trust.  He was extremely friendly and professional.  He rewrote my entire trust and pour over will and financial directive. The fee was very reasonable for all of the work involved.  His staff was great handling the notary work required.  I had a great experience.

Anaheim, CA

Protect Your Rights and Assets

Call the California estate planning attorney you need directly at 1-714-385-0044 to schedule a consultation or email me.

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